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Creative Many Michigan works to advance and promote supportive policies and sustainable public/private funding to cultivate the creative sector – arts, culture, arts education and the creative industries — in Michigan. To accomplish these goals, Creative Many conducts and shares research, organizes and leads advocates, creates and promotes strategic partnerships, and works to inform elected officials, business and community leaders on the importance of the creative sector to Michigan’s future.

In addition to representing the sector at the local, state and federal decision-making tables, Creative Many provides information and tools to equip and engage others in our work to advance the creative sector in communities throughout Michigan.

Making the Case – Be an informed and effective advocate for the arts and check out the latest our case statements, research and toolkits.

Issues and What’s Ahead – Be aware of current or proposed legislative policies and actions that impact Michigan’s creative sector and our upcoming work to further its growth.

Take Action – Get involved in issues being considered by local, state and federal government decision-makers.

Get Connected – Stay informed and sign up for our e-alerts, connect with your legislators or report an advocacy issue in your community.