DIA Talks Ways Forward: Fests? Prizes? Elmes Wants a Detroit Biennial- WDET


by Travis Wright
February 10, 2015

At the Detroit Institute of Arts tonight (2-10-15), panelists from the art world will examine the recent proliferation of art fairs and art prizes. Questions such as “Do these models actually strengthen local arts communities and create further opportunities for artists?” will surely be delved into. Cezzane Charles from Creative Many will moderate the discussion.

Robert Elmes is the founder and director of the Galapagos Art Space, which is relocating from Brooklyn to Detroit. He’s a panelist who thinks alot about the funding of arts and having been priced-out of Brooklyn, he brings a special senstivity to the subject.

Elmes tells WDET’s Travis Wright that a “Detroit Biennial” would work for Detroit artists.

Source: http://archives.wdet.org/news/story/dia-art-funding-panel-elmes-biennial/