Candidate Questionnaire FAQs

Creative Michigan Votes

2018 Elections Hub

How does Creative Many remain nonpartisan?
Creative Many’s goal is to have 100% participation in the Candidate Questionnaires from all candidates running for office. We make concerted efforts to contact all candidates and give them an equitable opportunity to respond. Survey responses can be submitted up until xxxxx. Comments/responses provided by candidates are never altered.

What candidates will be asked to complete the Candidate Questionnaire?
Candidates running for U.S. Congress, the Michigan Senate or House of Representatives are invited to complete the Candidate Questionnaire.

How can I submit my responses?
All eligible candidates have been sent a hard copy letter to their campaign mailing address inviting them to participate. If you would like to submit a survey please visit the attached link. All responses are due on xxxxxx. Please contact Sarah Gonzales Triplett at or (517) 599-7784 if you have any questions.

How can I support the Candidate Questionnaires?
Creative Many encourages stakeholders to review, share, and discuss the questionnaire results with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues through email, social networking, and by raising the questionnaire questions at public candidate forum in their community. If you work for a local organization and are interested in serving as a local partner, please contact Sarah Gonzales Triplett at