Creative State

Michigan 2015 Nonprofit Report

Creative State

Michigan 2015 Nonprofit Report


Depends on the

Creative State

of Our Economy


Tax Revenue

Vibrant Communities

Quality of Life

Talent Attraction


Business Development

Michigan depends on the creative state of our economy's Jobs, Tax Revenues, Vibrant Communities, Quality of Life, Talent Attraction, Technology and Business


Annual direct expenditures by the creative community in Michigan

Salaries: $199,690,556

$15M in payroll taxes

Michigan Jobs: 25,900

$595,362,649 in annual direct expenditures by the creative community in Michigan. $199,690,566 in salaries, 25,900 in new Michigan Jobs and $15 million in payroll taxes.

This Data was Collected for Fiscal Year 2012



Contributed Over

Half a Billion

Dollars in Direct Expenditures in 2012.

They Represent

An Estimated


Of the Creative Nonprofit Sector

Nonprofit Arts &

Cultural Organizations

Welcomed 25,785,806


68% of those

Visits were free


Schoolchildren experienced arts and cultural venues and events

that includes


Youth & school Group Visits


In revenue from earned income

Total Unrestricted Revenue:


Nearly $2.5B spent on Arts & Culture Tourism

more than 18% of state tourism revenue.

Arts & Culture ($2.5B) | Golf ($221.7M)
| Boating ($512M)
| Hunting ($141.1M)
| Hiking ($491.6M)
| Biking ($330.1M)
| Fishing ($469.3M)
| Sporting Events ($199.3M)

Spent on Arts & Culture Tourism

VS $2.3B

Spent on All These Other Tourism Activities Combined

The data used for this report was provided by the Cultural Data Project (“CDP”), an organization created to strengthen arts and culture by documenting and disseminating information on the arts and culture sector. Any interpretation of the data is the view of Creative Many Michigan and does not reflect the views of the Cultural Data Project. For more information on the Cultural Data Project, visit The Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, and Americans for the Arts also provided data. Creative State Michigan is produced by Creative Many Michigan with research support from the Cultural Data Project.

The Data Sources

Launched in May 2004, the CDP is a powerful online management tool with a robust support network designed to strengthen nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. It also provides funders with reliable, comparable data to inform grantmaking and helps arts advocates and researchers better understand and describe the sector’s impact. As a growing national model, the CDP is operating in 13 states and the District of Columbia, with 267 funding programs and more than 14,000 organizations participating across the US. In this report, arts-related job and business data are from the Americans for the Arts’ annual Creative Industries Reports and 2012 tourism data are provided by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Leadership and Funding

Creative State Michigan is made possible this year through the leadership and generous support of:

Creative Many Michigan, formerly ArtServe Michigan, is a statewide economic development organization focused on the mission to develop creative people, creative places and the creative economy for a competitive Michigan. Creative Many Michigan emphasizes the power of creativity through advocacy/public policy, research/reporting, professional practice programs, strategic communications and networking for the greater good of the arts, culture and creative and design industries. Visit to learn more.

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