Make + Do

Make + Do is a new program focused on strengthening the professional knowledge and expertise of makers and designers in Detroit and Grand Rapids, while sparking cross geographical exchange of tools and ideas.

In Fall of 2015, Creative Many launched the pilot season of Make + Do with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. CMM facilitated informal meet ups with makers in each city in order to understand the challenges and opportunities facing them. Feedback was used to develop an open call for workshop proposals. Makers in each city were invited to apply for $2K to support the design and implementation of their workshop idea.

CMM selected five workshop leaders (3 from Detroit and 2 from Grand Rapids), and tasked each of them with nominating one additional maker from their city to receive a smaller stipend of $500. This gave workshop leaders some agency in not just the content of the program, but also the structure. The nomination system also reinforced efforts to avoid top-down models of funding. CMM also hired two graphic recorders to document workshops using illustrations. The first MD cohort consisted of 12 Makers in total.

Make + Doers participated in six immersive workshops (3 in Grand Rapids and 3 in Detroit) designed by and for them and six co-working sessions led by Creative Many. Workshops took the form of film screenings, museum tours, writing exercises and product-making. Co-working gatherings, called “Matter Sessions,” encouraged the group to work collectively to develop ideas and strategies for responding to Michigan’s changing creative and manufacturing ecosystems. Graphic illustrations and notes from workshops and Matter Sessions were used to create a 32-page toolkit for anyone who might want to launch their own version of Make + Do.

For more information about Make + Do, contact Cezanne Charles, Director of Creative Industries by email

First Edition

Second Edition