Call for Cultural Data

Stand up and be counted

In early 2018, Creative Many Michigan will release the 2018 Creative State MI (CSMI) report, the seventh edition in this series detailing the economic impact of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in Michigan.

If you work in one, we need you to complete your data profile to make the case for arts and culture in Michigan. See “How You Can Help” below.

The CSMI report has been a critical tool to engage community leaders and to make the case for the contributing role of the arts, culture, arts education and the creative industries in Michigan. People across the state continue to use this resource to:

  • Request support for community investment in the arts, culture and creativity (public art, arts and cultural facilities, maker spaces, festivals, etc.)
  • Combat cuts to arts, culture and arts education programs
  • Connect to a broader stakeholder network that includes members of the business and philanthropic community
  • Bolster grant applications for nonprofit arts and cultural organizations

See the 2017 Creative State Michigan report and download archived reports.

If this weren’t enough, this report has been instrumental in moving the mark for state funding in the arts which is allocated through the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) – increasing funding from a low of $2.5 million just a few short years ago, to current year funding levels of $11.15 million. These dollars are essential to support much needed program, operations, arts education and capital improvement grant dollars for arts and cultural organizations, artists and communities all across Michigan.

While the increase in funding is appreciated, we do recognize that there is a significant amount of work left to be done to restore state funding for the arts and culture, which previously stood at more than $25 million annually and address the needs of the more than 2,000 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations across the state of Michigan.

Your Help Is Needed
As strain on the state and community budgets continue to grow, more arts and cultural organizations and programs may find themselves on the chopping block. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that nonprofit arts and cultural organizations stand up and be counted. 

In 2017, the CSMI report reflected participation from 419 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations; this is only 16.5% of the sector. We can and we must do better to accurately reflect the breadth and depth of the nonprofit arts and cultural landscape in all corners of Michigan.

How You Can Help
CSMI utilizes information from DataArts (formally The Cultural Data Project), to create our annual report. To ensure your organization is included in the 2018 CSMI report, your organization needs to complete a Cultural Data Profile (CDP) for its Fiscal Year 2015 by 5:00 pm EST on January 4, 2018. Deadline has been extended to January 8, 2018!

DataArts is a unique system that enables arts and cultural organizations to enter financial, programmatic and operational data into a standardized online form. This FREE tool can also help your organization produce a variety of reports designed to help increase management capacity, identify strengths and challenges and inform decision-making. Through DataArts, you can also generate reports to be included as part of the application process to participating grantmakers.

To get started please contact the DataArts Support Center at 1-877-707-3282 or or click HERE for more information about how the DataArts serves arts and cultural organizations.

If you have a completed FY2015 CDP, no further action is required.

Organizations Participating in the 2017 Creative State MI Report 
Organizations who are participants in the 2018 Creative State MI report will receive advanced information regarding the final report. Additionally, they will also have two opportunities to participate in a conference call prior to the release of the report. These conference calls will serve as an opportunity to outline the release strategy, review the information in the report, and provide information on ways for organizations to participate in the release of the report locally.

Don’t miss this opportunity for your organization to be counted in the 2018 Creative State MI report!