Arts Education Census

In the fall of 2011, Quadrant Arts Education Research, in partnership with Michigan Youth Arts, the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, the Michigan Department of Education and Creative Many Michigan (ArtServe Michigan), began a statewide study of arts education in Michigan schools. The project was designed to create a never-before-available picture of arts education in Michigan and institute baseline information for tracking and measuring future progress. This landmark study provides essential data on student access, teacher training, assessment and accountability in arts education in K-12 schools in Michigan. The data provide the groundwork to drive future arts education policy decisions that effect all Michigan students.

Key Findings:

  • 93 percent of high schools, 94 percent of elementary schools and 92 percent middle schools provide arts instruction in at least one arts course.
  • 108,000 students attend school each day without arts education.
  • An annual average of just $4.39 per pupil in high school and $1.67 per pupil in elementary school is spent on arts education in Michigan.
  • 33 percent of schools receive outside dollars to support arts education.
  • Only 11 percent of elementary schools offer at least one course in theatre; only 6 percent of middle schools offer at least one course in dance.
  • 12 percent of high schools do not meet the state graduation requirement of one credit in the arts.
  • 13 percent of schools do not include the arts equally when calculating students’ grade point averages.
  • High school students with higher levels of arts education perform better on the ACT and MME state exams across all socioeconomic categories.
  • 45 percent of schools cited transportation costs as a significant barrier to arts-related field trips.

A never-before-available picture of arts education in Michigan

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