Deadline: Ongoing 

Those creating in the performing, visual, media, or literary arts are invited to apply to the Program. Inquiries: P.O. Box 123, Silver City NV 89428

Silver City, Nevada, a close-knit community located within a National Historic District, has a unique resident artist program. The schedule is now booked through 2014, and additional applications will be accepted beginning Winter 2015.

People creating in the performing, visual, media, design, or literary arts are being invited to reside in the town for periods of up to 4 months, in exchange for offering performances, exhibitions, lessons, workshops, art work, etc. to benefit the community. The program seeks outcomes of innovative exhibitions and interactive and participatory works, and/or events that explore or transcend art disciplines.One of the goals of the program is to introduce new voices to the community and programs that engage people in becoming lifelong arts and culture participants or creators.

The artist’s living space in Silver City offers stunning views of the Sierras. The house was inspired by the geodesic dome and “tensegrity” concept of 20th century visionary R. Buckminster Fuller, and designed by Nevada artist Jim McCormick.

In addition to a living space, the program offers each artist their own studio, publicity, photographic documentation of their work, an offer to be connected to gallery and/or performance spaces in the region, and the use of other creative workspaces, including a 3D printer lab and a private research and development lab/maker space in an adjacent county which includes a vacuum forming machine, a milling machine, welding (heliarc, M.I.G., etc), lathes, volumetric flow -bench, etc.

The program also offers the opportunity for each artist to conduct a workshop in their primary discipline during the time of their residence at one of a number of spaces in the region.

The 2014 schedule of visiting artists includes a painter, a writer, a dancer and a landscape artist. The current artist is Dave de Borchgrave, a plein air painter.

For our initial contact with the artist, we would like a short general statement about their work, and links to some online examples of their work, exhibit or book reviews, etc. Email us at: quest@theodata.com or send notes to me at Quest Lakes, P.O. Box 123, Silver City, NV 89428

After we check out the links, we will ask for a CV, artist statement and proposal if it looks like a good match for the community.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/silvercitynevadaresidentartistprogram/info