Member Artists for Lawrence Street Gallery

Deadline: Ongoing

We have a few openings for regional artists (Southeast Michigan) in any medium. Candidates may complete the application form (on our website or in person at the gallery) and submit digital samples of artwork for consideration. If accepted, members pay a monthly fee and an initiation fee, and are expected to support the gallery through working 2 shifts per month. Members are also expected to take on a specific role in the gallery maintenance and management, and attending monthly meetings.

Lawrence Street Gallery has been successful as a cooperative gallery with a structure of artists who do everything from planning and hanging exhibits to staffing the gallery since 1987. We have an established gallery reputation of maintaining a standard for fine art. It’s a great community effort and uses everyone’s different talents to run all aspects of the gallery.

If you are a regional working artist looking for gallery space and wish to join our unique group of artists, we invite you to submit your work for consideration. Applicants are considered and reviewed at the gallery’s executive meeting, which is held every month on the 2nd Monday of the month. Applicants are notified by the membership committee, and you will be notified of the next executive meeting when you submit your application.


* Approximately 9 linear feet of wall space (for 2-D artists); 3-D artists will share pedestals and tables and walls for their 9 feet of exhibition space.

* Commission-free sales.

* Participate in the decision-making and experience the running of a gallery.

* Eligibility to be a Featured Artist for a month, or share “featured artist” space with other members! This includes media notification and publicity.

* Publicity through Lawrence Street Gallery media coverage to newspapers, magazines,10 local directory websites, and Facebook.

* Interaction with patrons at Gallery Opening Receptions and Mid-Month receptions, as well as two working shifts per month.

* Additional publicity through Lawrence street gallery website,, and our blog, including links to your website.

Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted for sales. Michigan sales tax is collected and paid through the gallery. Additional venues to show work and calls for entry are shared by gallery members in a monthly internal newsletter. Networking opportunities with established member artists and visiting artists, who are experts in a multitude of mediums.

To apply: