Exhibition Opportunities at the Glitter Milk Gallery


Deadline: Ongoing

Do you want to be a part of our shows? Would you like to instruct one of our classes? Anything else on your mind?



Glitter Milk Gallery exhibits the best emerging contemporary artists alongside seasoned professionals. We showcase local and global artists with a wide range of styles. Illustration, graphic design, pop surrealism, lowbrow, and sculpture all meld into exciting shows. Glitter Milk aims to combine the high and low art world, making art accessible for all who would like to enjoy it. All things garish, loud, and extravagant pique our interest!

We host bi-monthly exhibitions with art classes sprinkled in between.

Glitter Milk Gallery does not hold open hours but is instead event based. If you would like to get in contact to view the gallery please email us here: glittermilkgallery@gmail.com

For more information and to Apply: http://www.glittermilkgallery.com/contact/