Isle Royale National Park’s Artist Residency

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Deadline: Ongoing

The program provides four or five artists a two or three week immersion in Isle Royale’s Wilderness environment from mid-June through mid-September. This immersion provides time for the artist to connect to the many moods that only a Northwoods wilderness can provide.

The park provides an isolated rustic cabin in Tobin Harbor and the use of a canoe at no cost to the artist. Complimentary transportation to the park is provided on the National Park Service vessel the Ranger III, a 165- foot ship operating out of Houghton, Michigan.

During the residency, the artist will be asked to share their experience with the public by demonstration, talk, or other means. The presentation will depend on the artist’s medium, interests, and experience and will consume a few hours of their stay. The artist is required, within a year, to donate a piece of work inspired on the island. The donated piece will offer the public an opportunity to experience our national heritage through the artist’s unique interpretation of Isle Royale.

Sponsors for this program include Isle Royale National Park, Isle Royale Natural History Association, and the Copper Country Community Arts Council. The artist will be enrolled in the National Park Service’s Volunteer in the Parks Program.

For more information and to apply: