Creative Many
Creative Many advances the creative industries for a strong and resilient world. We empower and invest in creative people and industries. We connect them with resources, networks, funding and opportunities to develop their creative practice and influence. We research and advocate to frame the creative industries as a priority, and integral to thriving communities.

Our mission is to develop creative people, creative places and the creative economy through research, public policy, advocacy, professional practice development, funding and communications.

We are passionate in our commitment to advance the arts, culture and creative industries as essential contributing forces in our state’s economy, the vitality of our communities, the education of our children, and the prosperity of our people. We advance this agenda together with you — Creative Many — artists, arts and cultural groups, arts educators, designers and creative practitioners, entrepreneurs and businesses — to ensure that the creative economy is strategically positioned for growth and prosperity into the future.

Creative Many works to advance and promote supportive policies and diversified, sustainable public/private funding to cultivate the creative economy — arts, culture, arts education and the creative and design industries. To accomplish these goals, Creative Many conducts and shares research, organizes and leads advocates, creates and promotes strategic partnerships, and works to inform elected officials, business and community leaders on the importance of the creative sector to our future.

In addition to representing the sector at the local, state and federal decision-making tables, Creative Many provides information and tools to equip and engage others in our work to advance the creative economy in communities.