5 Warning Signs That Indicate Your Recycling Business Needs A New SEO Agency

If you have already employed an SEO agency to help advance your recycling business, then it is possible that you are several steps ahead of many of your competitors. We say ‘possible’ because, according to the SEO professionals, many clients come to them having previously had a poor experience with another SEO agency.

Obviously, each of those bad experiences will be somewhat unique, but the tales of woe point out several issues that seem to occur more often than others. Many of them might be considered red flags that should alert any recycling business owner that the service they are receiving from their SEO agency is not one that is unlikely to produce many positive outcomes, especially improved rankings.

If you already use an SEO agency, and you feel you are not well served, or the results being generated are not what you were hoping for, then it might be time to look for another SEO agency, and confirmation of this will be if any the following 5 warning signs exist.

No Openness About What SEO They Are Implementing

Any credible SEO agency will be entirely open about what SEO services they are going to provide, and they will most likely have them listed on their website. The reason for this is that they have nothing to hide because they only ever use legitimate SEO, which is welcomed by Google and poses no risk to your website. If your SEO agency refuses to give details on what they doing, it is for a reason, and it is likely to be them using black hat SEO, which risks your website being delisted.

No Reporting Or Results Details

Every professional SEO agency will have systems in place to monitor their progress, first, because it helps them in their attempts to rank your website higher and provides them the means of letting you know that the fees you are paying them are beginning to see a return. An SEO agency that does not report back to you should be viewed with suspicion, as it suggests they are not achieving the rankings they have promised you.

Poor Communication, Or Worse None At All

Worse than no reporting on results, or lack thereof, is when an SEO agency does not communicate with its clients at all. Apart from being discourteous, it shows a lack of professionalism. A professional SEO agency will welcome any contact or query from a client and will even have a single contact who is overseeing the entire SEO campaign so that the client always knows who to speak to regarding any matter.

No Evidence Whatsoever Of Better Rankings After Several Months

With SEO, you should never expect overnight results, and this is why proper and clear expectations regarding timescales for ranking improvements will always be communicated by a professional SEO agency to its clients. However, if the agency you have hired, has not generated any improvements in rankings whatsoever after a few months, then questions need to be asked, especially the question, ‘Are they up to the job?’.

Excuses and Brush Offs

If any of the above has been happening, or you are generally disappointed by the SEO agency you have employed, you have the right to question them. If all you get in return are a series of glib answers and excuses, or worse, they simply ignore you, then it is time to ditch them and move on to an SEO agency that genuinely respects its clients.