7 Eye-Opening Statistics That Should Directly Influence Your Next Website Design

When people consider web design and in particular what makes a web design successful, they will reflect on several elements. These will include what is visually appealing, the quality of the content, the layout, and the ease of navigation, for example. These are all perfectly valid considerations, but there is another aspect to web design that is often ignored by those who aren’t Perth web designers, and that is all the data behind it.

What we mean is that many web designs are started and completed without any reference whatsoever to data or statistics that could shed some light on what types of web design would be the most effective. Given that the internet is awash with data and statistics that are used to make key decisions daily, it makes sense that web design should follow suit. To give you a sense of what data might be useful, here are 7 eye-opening statistics relating to websites and web design.

#1: Web Design Services Growth In The Past 5 Years Is 2% Per Annum (Source: IBIS World)

This highlights the fact that more businesses are seeing the advantages of using professional web design agencies to create their websites rather than trying to build websites for themselves or using amateurs.

#2: When A Visitor Lands On A Website They Will Have An Opinion Of It Within 50 Milliseconds (Source: Taylor and Francis Online)

If ever there was a statistic that makes it abundantly clear how important the first impression your web design gives anyone landing on it, it is this one. Great visuals, easy navigation, and no annoying pop-ups will all help.

#3: If Anything On A Website Loads Slowly, More Than 4 Out Of Every 10 Visitors Will Leave Immediately (Source: Adobe)

There is no point in driving traffic to a website if almost half of those people click away immediately because it loads too slowly. On mobile, it is an even higher bounce rate of 50%. Anything which slows your website down needs to be removed or optimised within your web design including images and plugins.

#4: 68% Of Internet Users Say Due To Their Experiences Online During Covid, They Have Higher Expectations Of Business Websites (Source: Salesforce)

Covid has changed the world, and that applies to the online world too. Many millions of more people used the internet and the use of the internet increased enormously. Being at home allowed many internet users to visit way more websites than ever before and they now have a higher expectation of business website designs. Anyone planning a new website needs to take note of this and ensure their web design meets the current expectations of online consumers.

#5: If A Business Does Not Provide Contact information On its Website, 44% Of Visitors Will Look Elsewhere (Source: Blue Corona)

This should come as a wake-up call to any website owner who does not provide a method for users on their website to contact them. This means you are losing almost half of all your online prospects. Even if you do not want incoming telephone calls, at least include a ‘Contact Us’ page within your web design so that visitors can request a callback or an email response.

#6: 57% Of Website Visitors Will Not Recommend It If Its Design Looks Poor On Their Mobile Device (Source: Scrub)

Anyone out there who has still not updated their web design to be responsive or has a design that only looks good on desktop should be holding their head in their hands right now. That stat means if your web design does not display on mobile devices properly only 4 out of every 10 visitors are likely to recommend your website to others.

#7: Landing Pages With Videos Increase Conversion Rates By 86% (Source: Eyeviewdigital)

Video has been proven time and again to increase visitors’ enjoyment and improve their experience of a website. Here we have a statistic that takes that even further by confirming video also increases conversion rates by a significant amount.