BunkerDeadline: Ongoing

Bunker Projects Residency Program
Bunker Projects offers artists of all kinds a 3-4 month long residency. Two residents will be hosted to live, work, and exhibit in the space.  Bunker provides a living laboratory setting for artists to immerse themselves in their creative process, to break new ground and interact with the community at large. Resident artists are supported to pursue self-directed projects while creating a point of access with the community through their work. This may take any form including research, discussion, dinner, performance, workshop, lecture, or other collaborations.

For more information: http://www.bunkerprojects.org/residency.html


Bunker Projects Exhibition
Throughout 2014, BUNKER will offer a series of group exhibitions curated by our team as well as guest curators. Submission will open 3-6 months in advance to accommodate circulation and the creation of new works. Upon acceptance, artists will be informed about drop-off and installation. Application fees correspond to exhibition type.

For more information: http://www.bunkerprojects.org/open-call.html