7 Design Features That Will Help You Retain Visitors To Your Website

Whether you are planning to have a new website built for your new home building company or wish to make improvements to your existing website, one of the main goals that any new design should have is to ensure that those who visit your website, remain on it for as long as possible. The website design experts at www.slinkywebdesign.com.au know for sure that the longer you can retain visitors the more chance there is of them taking action.

That action could be anything from filling in a contact form, calling your sales team, or requesting more information by entering their email address. Whichever calls to action you have throughout your website, they will only ever be answered if the person seeing them has spent enough time on the website to build enough trust in the company which is requesting them.

Within the design on any website, there are lots of opportunities to facilitate visitors staying for longer, and it is these design features that we are going to focus on here. In all, we have 7, that, if included in the design or redesign of your new home building company’s website, will ensure that conversions increase, and as an added and important bonus, they can also help to boost your website’s rankings on Google.

#1 – Fast Page Load Speeds: Slow-loading website pages not only have no chance of prolonging any visitor’s time on your website, but they will also end it almost immediately. Test all your pages for load speeds and arrange for the necessary changes to their design to be made if they are loading slowly.

#2 – A Variety Of Content Types: Whilst visitors to your website are expecting to find text on your website in the form of blog posts, services and product descriptions, and informative articles, they will be delighted, and likely to remain, if they have alternatives. By this, we mean other forms of content such as infographics, lists, diagrams, and videos.

#3 – Great Use Images And Graphics: A website should never seem like an online version of a book with page upon page of text. Instead, it should be visually appealing, and this is achieved by the clever use of images, photographs, and other graphics that add positively to your website’s appearance.

#4 – Easy Navigation: No one likes to be feel lost or confused in any situation, and that includes when we land on a website for the first time. If you want new visitors to stick around then they must see that there is a way to easily navigate your website, and that is why you must have a menu created for that purpose.

#5 – An Uncomplicated Layout: If the first impression of any visitor landing on your website is something akin to a game of Tetris with blocks randomly positioned all over the home page, then it is usually a signal for them to leave right away. Keep your website’s layout simple as possible.

#6 – Everything Working 100%: A bit of a no-brainer but if your website has errors, nobody is going to want to hang around. Test your website before it goes live and then regularly check it thereafter to catch any issues early.

#7 – Intuitive Design: With the explosion in mobile use over the past 10 years, it should go without saying that your website’s design must be intuitive with respect to it displaying correctly on all possible devices that might be used to access it.