Top 5 All-In-One Marketing Platforms

When businesses are looking for software and tools to help automate and enhance their marketing and sales, they could be forgiven for being overwhelmed. The choice is enormous, and being able to pinpoint which ones are the right ones for what you want to achieve can seem a daunting task.

The good news is that there are software solutions that take several marketing automation features and instead of you having to purchase individual software for each one, instead bring them all within one platform. These all-in-one marketing tools make managing your marketing more efficient and more effective as you see an overview of your core marketing activities all within one dashboard.

Whilst there is going to be many variations to which individual marketing tools they offer, those that are worth considering the most will have solutions that help with all of the following:

  • Landing Pages
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Automation
  • Analytics

With that having been said, here are 5 of the top all-in-one marketing platforms, which offer all of these.


A tried and trusted all-in-one marketing platform that offers users several tools to assist with their marketing campaigns

  • Landing Pages: Has an easy to use page builder to create responsive pages for all platforms
  • Email Marketing: Import and export contacts – Schedule emails – Suggests ways to improve your email marketing
  • Social Media: With HubSpot, you can manage multiple social media profiles, schedule posts and it also offers optimisation suggestions
  • Automation: Workflows can be built to target and track leads, and individual leads can be allocated to individual teams within your sales team.
  • Analytics: Dashboards can be customized – Marketing data, including traffic and individual page performance, can be tracked.


Suitable for both business to business and business to consumer marketing, and provides automation solutions within its tools and features.

  • Landing Pages: Offers drag and drop landing page builder which includes some excellent templates
  • Email Marketing: Unlimited contact importing and management – Pre-written templates – Chunk sending for high volume users to avoid the risk of spam
  • Social Media: Manage multiple accounts – Compose and edit posts, – Page monitoring on multiple platforms
  • Automation: Create targeted and automated messages for emails and SMS – Tag leads for specific messaging and follow-up
  • Analytics: Dashboard customisation Monitor performance across multiple marketing channels – Report creation


Act-On can integrate with CRM software to build even greater prospect/customer relationships.

  • Landing Pages: Offers pre-designed templates – Pages can be built in minutes – Adaptive fields to avoid duplicate information
  • Email Marketing: Intuitive messaging to send tailored email sot specific prospects – Ability to send transactional email e.g. confirmation of purchase
  • Social Media: Create posts for multiple platforms – Performance measuring – Content engine recommends content based on audience engagement
  • Automation: Can trigger specific messages and complete campaigns based on prospect behaviour
  • Analytics: Can provide data across many measurables – Ability to integrate with Google Ads to monitor PPC campaigns


A solution that comes from Adobe and is part of a huge array of business software that they offer.

  • Landing Pages: Has a selection of pre-designed templates – Allows users to import bespoke templates
  • Email Marketing: Profile creation for individual prospects – Emails can be personalised accordingly
  • Social Media: Multi-platform integration – Effective at encouraging followers to share content – Create personalised social media ads
  • Automation: Drag and drop automation builder – Easy to create targeted campaigns
  • Analytics: Brings all marketing data into one place – Customisable dashboards – Customisable reporting


Excellent all-in-one platform to help generate leads and then monitor their journey throughout the entire campaign

  • Landing Pages: Provides a point and click WYSIWYG page builder – Pre-designed responsive templates included
  • Email Marketing: Has excellent tracking features which can track recipient behaviour in detail including actions taken
  • Social Media: Ability to manage unlimited social media profiles – Manage leads based on engagement with specific posts
  • Automation: Workflows can be created for multiple channels including social media – Buyer persona option for extremely targeted content
  • Analytics: Set up and monitor multiple marketing and sales KPIs – Track lead activity