7 Items In Your Office Which Must Be Cleaned Regularly

There are many significant advantages of using the services of a commercial cleaners company to clean your offices, and they extend beyond just the fact that they will clean those offices to the highest of standards. They will also sanitise many parts of your office to make it a healthy and safer environment for employees and visitors alike.

Another benefit of using commercial cleaners that is often overlooked is their huge wealth of knowledge and experience in cleaning commercial premises and offices in particular. What this means is that not only do they know how to clean and sanitise, but they also know how often everything should be cleaned, which makes it far easier for you to agree on a cleaning schedule with them.

Within that agreement, there will be items and locations within your offices that a commercial cleaning company will advise you need cleaning more often than others. This means they may set a cleaning schedule for some to be monthly, others might be weekly, and there will be some that get cleaned daily. They will also pinpoint specific areas and items within your office that should be prioritised for cleaning over others.

To assist you in better understanding what these items are that need to be cleaned regularly, and also to make it easier for you to discuss these matters with your commercial cleaning company, we are going to highlight seven items within offices that must be cleaned regularly to ensure your office remains a welcoming and healthy environment.

Item #1 – Kitchen Appliances: An office kitchen is, unfortunately, a magnet for germs and other vermin, including mice and rats if discarded food is regularly left lying around. Appliances such as the kettle, refrigerator, and microwave are especially known for the spread of germs given how frequently they are used by different people throughout the day.

Item #2 – Vents And Ducts: The importance of air quality within offices is often underestimated. It is highly desirable to ensure your employees can breathe clean, healthy air and that is especially so for employees who have ailments such as asthma. As such, regular cleaning of air ducts and vents can go a long way to reducing sick days.

Item #3 – Ceiling Fans: Given that they are located in the ceiling and therefore not normally in most people’s eye line, ceiling fans are easily forgotten about when it comes to cleaning schedules. However, dust and other particles can settle on the blades when the fan is switched off, only to be spread across the office when the fans start spinning again.

Item #4 – Light Fixtures: Light fixtures are another item within an office that are often taken for granted. However, if they are not cleaned regularly dirt can build up, which not only looks poor to anyone visiting your office but can also diminish the levels of illumination within the office.

Item #5 – Computer Keyboards And Mice: Whether these are used by one person or many at a particular computer, both keyboards and mice are prime targets for cleaning regularly because, alarmingly, they are both likely to have germs on their surfacers that exceed the number found in most office toilets.

Item #6 – Telephones: Another essential item in an office is a telephone and, unfortunately, they too can have a frighteningly high number of germs on their surfaces, so much so, that it is recommended you leave sanitising wipes by each telephone and encourage employees to wipe the telephone after each use.

Item #7 – ‘High Touch’ Items: A catch-all that covers all those items in communal areas used by employees and visitors alike that are touched numerous times per day and thus almost certain to spread germs from person to person. Examples include handrails, door handles, lift buttons, and light switches.