Seven Unusual Creative Motifs For Your Next Web Design

Rather than the run-of-the-mill designs we normally see, what if your next web design came from someplace… unexpected? A brilliantly contrary creative motif that makes sense in retrospect? Here are our picks for some themes you might not have thought of, but should:

Hand drawn – Example It always looks brilliantly original, because it’s your own hand! Stick-figures and elementary-school drawings are getting really, really big this year. Try to look as untalented as possible!

Factory – Example Industrial designs are great for developers, producers, and artists. It makes the customer anticipate that you’ll have a strong work ethic.

Retro ’50s – Example Maybe it’s nostalgia, or maybe the classics work best, but we haven’t seen a single web page done in retro that goes wrong. If you readers can, please show us in the comments.

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