Lawyers for the Creative Economy for Attorneys

LCE not only provides an opportunity for you to fulfill your pro bono responsibilities as a lawyer, but also will give you a stake in Michigan’s vibrant arts and creative industries. LCE serves individuals, small businesses and non-profits in fields including, but not limited to: dance, theater, music, literary arts, visual arts, film/video, art & technology, design, architecture, and technology. Each prospective client will go through an application process to determine eligibility for pro bono legal assistance.

Volunteer Attorney Referral Services – LCE will provide creativity-related legal referral services to a diverse group of artists, non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs in the creative industries.  Legal matters may include, but are not limited to: contracts, copyright, patent and trademark, acquisition of business space, real estate, incorporation/entity formation, insurance, immigration, labor relations, small claims court advice, tax, trusts, estates/wills and constitutional rights/First Amendment issues.  LCE will provide free legal assistance to applicants that meet the State of Michigan guidelines for pro bono assistance.  Those who do not meet the financial eligibility requirements will be referred to attorneys as low-bono clients.

Professional Practice Seminar – The two-hour “Protecting your Practice” seminar will introduce key legal areas and essential knowledge pertaining to copyright, trademark and branding, design rights and patents, licensing, royalties, entity formation, contracts, tax, artistic estate planning, and property law.  “Protecting your Practice” will be developed and delivered as part of Creative Many Michigan Professional Practice Seminars and will be jointly conducted by the Director of Creative Industries and LCE Project Coordinator. These seminars will be conducted and hosted in partnership with our regional partners.

Code: Creative Industries, Technology, and the Law – Code offers quarterly dialogue and networking events bringing together the creative and legal sectors. Code events in Detroit and Grand Rapids will feature talks by local/national artists and legal professionals discussing timely issues, especially the impacts of technology on aspects of intellectual property affecting the creative industries.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Opportunity to apply professional skills to meaningful community service
  • Grow professionally and expand personal interest in the arts and creative industries
  • Interact with people active in the creative process
  • Positive exposure for your firm in the creative industries sector
  • Networking and dialogue opportunities to connect with your peers and the creative community

How to apply – Contact us by email at